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If a picture is worth a thousand words, then this short video speaks volumes about
Porches. Travis Mills who has ties to Brookhaven and resides is Arizona where
he is the Co-Founder and Director of Running Wild Films.  
This film absolutely captures the  essence , heart and soul of Porches.
Porches  Video

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Southern Hospitality from an Era Gone By
When we think of what makes a great restaurant in today’s world, we are
apt to concentrate on the food, service, and ambiance only. The one aspect
missing from most of our modern dining is a heritage that for generations
has been a part of our way of life - Hospitality.

Last August, one of our patrons and two of her colleagues from New Jersey
had been to Natchez on a Saturday excursion and decided to stop in for the
evening meal, on their way back to Jackson. It was a rather busy Saturday night
and my wife informed them that it would be a 30-minute wait before a table
would be available. Celia offered the living room to wait in or they could sit
on the front porch and enjoy the swing. They choose the front porch.

Sensing that maybe they were a little tired and worn from the day's activities,
she served them iced tea while they were waiting. No big thing, but it is the
way we treat our guests. A table became available and I believe they had an
enjoyable evening.

A few days later the young lady was in for lunch and remarked to Celia
that she had played the part to the “hilt". My wife did not understand
what part. The young lady explained that her two colleagues had
remarked  "That now they knew the meaning of true Southern Hospitality".

Celia confided to me that it was no part, but what she would do for any visitor
in our home. I believe is part of a heritage handed to her and her sister from
their mother and grandmothers. When someone comes through your front door,
you treat him or her as if they were family. Not only offering your company
the best in food and service, but the best of yourself. It is a tradition passed down
from generations and hopefully we can instill this same spirit in our children.

Ms Celia & Ms Sybil come from a traditional Southern family,
where hospitality and graciousness are part of their heritage.
This tradition continues at Porches under their influence.
Traditional Southern Cooking
with an Imaginative Flair